The first nanotechnologic liquid that cleans, seals and protects the eyeglass lenses, helmet visors, smart-phones and tablets.


LIMPIALENS (Nanotech Cleaner) is the first liquid that cleans, seals and protects any glass and polycarbonate surface. It has been specially designed and formulated to protect and seal with billions of nanopolymers all mobile and tablet screens, helmet visors and eyeglass lenses surface. The product is biodegradable.


Once you have applied the product you should not need to apply it again for cleaning because the dirt, finger prints, oil will put on the product not on the surface and you could remove all these dirt from the surface just wiping it with microfiber suede.


We would like to remark to you that:


- The application can be performed under the impact of strong sunlight.

- Protects against corrosion and abrasion.

- Supplied ready to use and easy to apply.

- Protected surfaces remain clean longer, reducing the adherence of dirt.

- Prevents the adherence of bacteria pollution.

- Non-stick, waterproof, resistant to ultra violet rays.



The product is presented in a pen spray of 7 ml. The exhibitor/display has 20 units.

NANOTECHNOLOGY  is the study, design, creation, synthesis, manipulation and application of materials, devices and functional systems through control of matter at the nanoscale, and exploitation of phenomena and properties of matter at the nanoscale.

Bacteria (10 to the minus 6)

Polymer Nano (10 to the minus 9)

Atom (10 to minus 11)

There is a large consensus that nanotechnology will lead to a second industrial revolution in the XXI century as announced a few years ago, Charles Vest (former president of MIT).


Involve numerous advances in many industries and new materials with extraordinary properties (develop stronger materials than steel but with only ten percent weight), new applications with incredibly fast components or molecular sensors that can detect and destroy cancer cells in the most delicate parts of the human body such as the brain, among many other applications.


A more visual view like playing a game for knowing and showing to you the scales from molecules to the scale of the universe.

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LIMPIA LENS (NANOTECH CLEANER) is a nanotechnology product manufactured in the United States, it has several important properties but from all of them we could highlight two:


1.- When it has been applied you turn on the surface in hydrophobic, that means, that it will be water repellent.


2.- Once you have applied Limpia Lens you may not need to reapply it every time and you can use it once a month to maintain the properties of the cleaning treatment.


1 Application = 20 Cleanings only with microfiber cloth

Spray about 10 cm from the surface to be treated. Wait for half a minute and dry with a microfiber cloth.


Once applied not to clean with soap or alcohol, just go back to the microfiber cloth and dirt, grease, fingerprints, or other environmental dirt has tried to adhere may be withdrawn without re-applying the product.


1 weekly

Eyeglass lenses

Every 3 weeks

Helmet visors

1 per month



1 weekly


1 application every 2 weeks

TV screens

1 application every 15 days

Photo Cameras

1 application per month

Diving goggles

1 application per immersion

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